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Major R & D, production and sales of esters, ethers, alcohols,
ketones, and other pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates

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Set the development, production and marketing of esters, ethers, alcohols, ketones and other series of pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates
as one of the high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, the National Torch Plan Taixing Fine and Specialty Chemical Industry Base backbone enterprises

Diethyl ethylphenylmalonate

[CAS NO.] 76-67-5
[Chemical name] Diethyl ethylphenylmalonate
[Formula] C15H20O4
[Molecular weight] 264.32
[Appearance] colorless to slight yellow transparent liquid
[Density] ( D420 )1.068-1.072
[Water] ≤0.2%
[Assay] ≥98.5%
[Usage] Major intermediate for Phenobarbital and Primidone
[Package] 200kg/galvanized iron drum
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